Welcome to our Year 4 class page. We are all about Teamwork in Y4. Everyone has a job to do to keep our classroom at its best and we all work hard to make sure our environment is one for learning in. Led by the intrepid Mrs. Bedwell and supported by the evanescent Mrs. Walster we eat knowledge for breakfast. This year so far we have dived into topics such as Electricity, The Americas, Ancient Egypt, Sound as well as discovering the artists Munch and Kandinsky.

Our maths brains grow bigger everyday taking on new skills to apply in a range of situations. Our biggest challenge this year is our time tables and we work every day to improve our understanding. We know timetables are important as they help with finding patterns in other maths subjects such as addition, subtraction, division and fractions.

For English we are developing our understanding of spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and reading every day. We have weekly spellings and work with our friends and adults in the class to use our newly found skills in punctuation and grammar in our writing. Over the year we get to plan, draft, edit and improve our writing in different genres such as historical recounts, diary entries, free verse poetry, a mystery stories and newspapers report. We made our writing exciting and got to show off our Y4 writing skills.

Science is a definite highlight in the classroom. We love to work scientifically and carry out experiments whenever we can. Bringing science to life is a passion and our recent experiments in sound saw us become particles creating sounds waves in solid, liquids and gasses. Our study of Electricity meant we built a variety of circuits to make bulbs, buzzers and motors work. We used prediction skills when using insulators and conductors to decide whether we could light a bulb when adding different materials to our circuits.

On Thursday afternoons we have our PE session, we had a great time learning to swim at Whitgift swimming pool and made our teachers really proud at how much effort we put into improving our swimming skills. More recently we became basketball players through weekly sessions on how to move with, pass and shoot the ball.

We know it has been a challenging couple of years but in the Y4 classroom we are ready to tackle anything and approach all of our learning with a have a go attitude, growth mind set and willingness to improve everyday. 

Below are Year 4's Yearly Long Term Plans, detailing what they will be doing throughout the respective year.

Year 4 Yearly LTPs

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Year 4's Medium Term Plans can be found in the below document groups, detailing what the class will be learning each term.

Year 4 MTP 2022 - 2023

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Year 4 MTP 2021 - 2022

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