At Laceby Acres, we want our children to be confident and questioning readers who actively engage and interact with the stories and texts they come across throughout their school life. The ability to read is fundamental to pupils’ development as independent learners. In order to read across the curriculum with fluency, accuracy, understanding and enjoyment pupils need to orchestrate the range of strategies, depicted in the National Curriculum, drawing on knowledge of context and grammatical knowledge; applying phonic knowledge and skills; applying graphic knowledge and developing word recognition. 

Our approach to reading sees children progress through daily systematic synthetic phonics in line with the accredited Little Wandle and Collins Big Cat scheme in Early Years and KS1, into guided group reading settings where children focus on building their fluency of sentence reading and begin to develop more comprehension of what they are reading in Year 2. Further, we also use the Oxford Reading Tree and Bug Club Reading schemes for home reading. As the children move into KS2 then further develop their understanding of the core reading skills through reciprocal reading strategies that enable children to develop their own reading acumen.

We have our Curriculum statement including our intent, implementation and impact statements as well as our approach to children’s reading journey through our school. Our approach entwines reading and writing together using the reading to writing sequence where we give reading a clear and vital purpose through engaging and interacting with high quality texts and showing the important role reading has in being able to write. 

Reading Overview

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Our reading approach aims to develop children into independent questioning readers who enjoy reading. We hope to create life-long readers who seek enjoyment and knowledge. Reading has the power to allow children to access the whole curriculum and become fantastic learners and that is why we strive to give children different strategies to help them become fluent, we strive to give children as many different reading experiences and opportunities we can offer and we strive help every child of every ability at reading to make as much progress as they can.

Reading at Laceby Acres

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Reading Planning

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