Laceby Acres Academy

Behaviour Policy

Aims and Principles

All children have the right to an education, which offers the very best opportunities to work hard and learn well, to make excellent progress and feel happy and safe. Teachers and support staff at Laceby Acres Academy are determined to create the right environment and opportunities for this to happen. We encourage good behaviour through a mixture of extremely high expectations, clear policy and an ethos, which fosters discipline and mutual respect between pupils and between staff and pupils.

We believe that the most effective way of achieving our aims is to encourage and praise positive behaviour. We have in place a range of options and rewards to reinforce and praise good behaviour. We also have clear sanctions for those who do not comply with the academy’s behaviour policy. These are proportional and fair responses, which may vary according to the age of the pupils and any other special circumstances that affect the pupil.

Rewarding Positive Behaviour

  • Praise
  • Instant rewards – feedback in the moment, stickers, stamps etc
  • End of term Lunchtime Behaviour Awards
  • Chill Out Room cards
  • Golden certificates awarded weekly for outstanding behaviour and learning
  • Certificates of Merit awarded at the end of each term
  • Individual class reward systems
  • Texts home for excellent learning behaviour
  • Monitor roles

Sanctions for Inappropriate Behaviour

  • If a child behaves inappropriately in class, resulting in other children being prevented from learning a verbal warning will be given
  • If the behaviour does not improve then the child will lose part or all of their playtime
  • A child who is disrupting learning may be asked to go to work in a different class for a period of time
  • Occasionally children may be asked to talk about their behaviour with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and parents will be informed and involved if necessary
  • If the child continues to repeatedly misbehave, a loss of privileges may apply, for example, loss of responsibilities, loss of the opportunity to go on a school trip, school based community service
  • There are times when a child may find it difficult to behave appropriately on the playground. The ‘Star Room’ is a place where they can go to talk through the difficulties they are having and sanctions will be applied if necessary

Possible Courses of Action if behaviour continues to be a coneern

  • Home/School book established
  • Regular meetings with parents
  • Child is referred to external agencies through the SEND Coordinator, with the involvement and consent of parents
  • In the extremely rare cases of incidents of a more serious nature a child may be temporarily or permanently excluded. Any exclusions are made in line with the Local Authority guidelines and the Chair of Governors is informed

Confiscation of Property

At times a member of staff may need to confiscate, retain or dispose of inappropriate items brought onto the premises or taken on a school trip. We have the power to search without consent for prohibited items such as;

  • Stolen items
  • Items which have been banned by the school rules or may be used to commit an offence or cause personal injury or damage to property

Any confiscated items will be placed in a named envelope and stored in the academy office and parents may be informed and asked to collect the items.

Use of Reasonable Force

Members of staff have the power to use reasonable force to prevent pupils from committing an offence, injuring themselves or others or damaging property, and to maintain good order or discipline in the academy.

Behaviour Policy


Laceby Acres Academy

Charging Policy

This charging policy informs staff and parents about charging for school activities. It conforms to the requirements of the guidance detailed in ‘ A Guide to the Law for School Governors’ January 2008.

In accordance with those guidelines Laceby Acres Academy:

  • Will not charge for books, materials, equipment and instruction in connection with the Curriculum or Statutory Religious Education taught at school, except where parents have indicated in advance their wish to purchase the product
  • Will not charge for activities which take place in School time, apart from vocal or music tuition for either individual pupils or small groups of pupils
  • May charge for School-Time activities by inviting parents and others to make voluntary contributions to enable school funds to go further. Children of parents who do not contribute will not be treated differently
  • Where there are not enough voluntary contributions to make an activity possible the activity will be cancelled
  • Will charge for residential activities
  • May permit organisations to charge parents when such an organisation is acting independently of the School or LA, to arrange an activity to take place during school hours and parents want their children to join in the activity
  • May charge for activities (optional activities), which happen outside School hours when those activities are not necessarily part of the Curriculum
  • Parents are asked to make a contribution towards replacing damaged or lost school property caused wilfully or negligently by their children
  • The Governors will review the lettings charges levied by the school on an annual basis

Special Educational Needs Policy

Trust Policies