We run a variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities, before school, during lunchtime and after school for children in Years R - 6. The choice of club can change termly and these will be advertised to parents accordingly.  Children have the opportunity to sign up to a new club at the start of each term. We aim to provide a range of provision that will appeal to all children so that every child can find a club that interests them. Our after school clubs are a vital and integral part of our school to ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop in a variety of ways. We offer a mixture of sport, creative and academic clubs. 

Our lunchtime clubs are led (with the support of staff) by our student leaders. These clubs include activities such as gardening, hockey and board games. We also believe in the children planning and leading their own clubs. We ask children to present an idea to school council and our senior leadership team and provide details of what will happen each week at club. We love to see the older children and the younger children mixing. It gives us a real sense of our Laceby community.

We also music lessons which are delivered by local music teachers.

From September we are also introducing ort ‘Super Curricular Clubs’. These clubs have an emphasis on taking subjects of interest further such, beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you've done for homework. You may go into more depth on something you picked up in the classroom or learn about a new topic altogether. You can explore your subject in many ways; for example, by reading, as well as watching videos online, downloading lectures, visiting museums or entering academic competitions. These clubs will also be an opportunity to share and discuss, think actively and ask questions, a chance to express opinions and debate and to read articles and books and listen to podcasts. The aim is to inspire children and raise their aspirations for the future. Watch this space to see which clubs we will have on offer…