Every child at Laceby Acres is a member of a house group.  Our house groups are made up of a member of staff (teaching and non- teaching) and at least one child from every year group from Reception to Year Six. We join our family group when we start at Laceby Acres and stay in the same group until we leave for our secondary school.

We meet in our groups daily to share our lunch together. This enables us to develop strong relationships with all members of the group and gives us a sense of belonging.  The older members of the group enjoy taking responsibility for the younger children.  Each half term we also share an activity morning or afternoon together. Within our groups we are able to develop socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. It gives us the opportunity to talk about how we keep ourselves and others safe, and we use this time to have a voice and share our views.

Throughout the year each group will take part in an event together this could be in school or in the local area.